Monday, November 20, 2017

Are You Afraid of Me Graffiti

Some quick graffiti work I created for the We Exist game. I think it looks pretty neat in game especially with the flashlight turned on. 


We Exist Game Design Showcase

Hello everyone,

I would like to present to everyone an updated build of We Exist, the first person, detective, action-adventure, horror game I am working on with Black Haze Studios. Here are some screenshot renders of the in-game environment created by our talented 3D artists, level designer, and lighters.


Christopher Waddill, Eric Lavallee

Connor McKee, Alex Tikkoiev
Mark Churchill, Phaedrus Byskou

Jeffrey Yu

Game Trailer

The foggy, dreary landscape gives this scene a foreboding mood and is an element used in our level design.

Concept art of Jack Norwood in the forest. Not representative of final design.

Early concept of the forested environment on the way to one of the main story point locations. Not representative of final design.

Portion of the Alpha level build that will be open for public testing.

View of the forest that players travel throughout the entirety of the game.

View of one of the gates to the cemetery level in our game. Available for alpha testing.

Clock tower at the cemetery level.

One of our older builds for one of the unique locations in the cemetery. 

Alone in the woods.

Ritual Stones.

If you like what you see and are interested in helping out with the project, please check out our social media pages and website. Thank you for your support!




Sunday, November 19, 2017

K3 Lore Cover

A while back, I created a cover page for the Kukulkani faction from the Dark Age miniature game. I used polished copper for the body which has an orange tinge which I felt matches the tarnished copper background.

The K3, the affectionate nickname for the Kukulkani, is a race of space Mayans. This faction features large mechanical walking temples, technomantically engineered war captains, war priests, and precious bio-energy used for casting their mystical spells.

Read more by clicking HERE


Assembly Guide for the Cabrakan, a giant walking temple of destruction!

Thursday, November 2, 2017

Dragyri Earth Caste Cover Art

This year we revealed the Earth Caste as a new sub-faction for the Dragyri from the Dark Age miniature game. Click the image below to learn more.

For the project, I designed the Earth Caste faction logo as well as the type treatment for the cover. I used the mountain motif for the icon, and some of the positive negative shape forms the Chinese character for the word mountain. The lighting was super fun to play with, the Chiaroscuro effect turned out looking really neat.

The Earth Caste units train in styles similar to Eastern Chinese martial arts. They emphasize strong, balanced, deliberate movements to push or knock down their foes. Their stable stances and use of psychogenic powers make them more resilient in combat, granting them the ability to resist various attacks that can re-position them. Slow and steady wins the race, and with their grit and determination, they can overcome any mountain in their way.

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Skarrd Bolas Art

Hello everyone, here is another piece of art I did for the new Dark Age Skarrd faction update. This time I was asked to update the art for the Bolas unit from the game. Bolas is the basic skirmish infantry that takes the brunt of an assault to lock down enemies and chip away at health until the stronger units can get into position to clean up.

The Bola sports a rusty blade that is simple but deadly when used in numbers with others as a group attack. They also carry their signature weapon, the razer bladed bola to slow down or knock prone their targets to make them easy pickings for the Skarrd Horde. Like the Harpies they are able to infiltrate the battlefield at any moment's notice to turn the tide of battle through capturing objectives, locking down larger units, or add bulk to a depleted army.

Update miniature. you can find more at the Cool Mini Or Not Store.

Dark Age new Harpy Art

Back in May I created some new artwork for the new Skarrd Faction book for the Dark Age tabletop game. Some of the older miniatures received updated sculpts and new concept art. Here is one of the pieces I did for the Harpy. These ladies are agile, highly mobile units designed to take objectives, enter the field in strategic locations to assassinate isolated units or create a distraction. Their low point cost also means you can pick up a large group of them so you can swarm the field at the opportune moment.

For more information please check out: to learn how to play. You can purchase your very own Harpies HERE.

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Icon Art for Rum and Bones: Second Tide

Did some icon art for the Rum & Bones: Second Tide ship tile.

Old timey bomb design with shell and fuse. The textures were fun to paint.

Unused icon art for the Ork Catapult. Looks more like something the undead would use.

Final version of the Ork catapult, more spikes, more metal, industrial.

Wedding Invitation Art

So I was searching my hard drive and I came across artwork I made for a friend's wedding invitation. For context, my friend Jonathan Phillips-Bradford commissioned me to create a piece of artwork the features him and his then fiancee Elizabeth Beckley as chibi characters in an epic battle with a dragon. Art work took me about a day or two to complete, the style was based on the game Arcadia Quest by Cool Mini Or Not.

Initial Sketch

I had a lot of fun trying to come up with things to add to the characters that are uniquely Jonathan and Elizabeth in terms of interests and personality.