Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Print Done!!!! Tutorial Steps Included!!!

So I finished my first print called "Beach Kiss", I know it's a bit sappy but I like stuff like that lol. Here are a couple of images of the piece at various stages:
I started off with the Inked line work which I scanned at 600 dpi and placed into photoshop at 300 dpi. I editted the black and white contrast using the Curves option.

Afterwards, I set the line work layer on multiply, created another layer and flatted out each "object" with their natural midtone color.
I created a separate layer for gradients so i can establish the direction of the light source before I start rendering.
Then on another layer I render out the different objects and planes.
Then I add in the highlights and additional background objects like the clouds and the sun.
Finally, I copy my line art into my alpha channel and make a selection for the line art. I then created the Dmax for the super black by creating a group layer mask folder with a solid color fill for 0/0/0/100 and another for 60/40/40/0. This process allows me to print out darker lines and keep the colors from going out of alignment when I print. The folder allows me to use a color hold on the palm trees by adding a color with a shade value lighter than the super black which pushes the objects into the background.
Dont forget signatures!

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