Thursday, October 5, 2017

Dark Age Product Feature: Outcast Faction Starter Box

Time for an introduction for another faction from the Dark Age miniatures table top game line! Today I present to you the raider-like bandits from the wastelands of Samaria called the Outcasts. Like the Forsaken, they are one of the humanoid factions but they do not bend to the rigid laws set by the Prevailers. Instead of paying taxes and fighting in the arbitrary crusades set by the zealous council, the Outcasts prefer to fight for their own land and destiny.

The Outcast Faction Box has what you need for your bread and butter army to play a 500 point game. I designed the box based on concrete slabs and rebar scene in the post apocalyptic world of the Fall Out and Mad Max franchises. The Outcast is known for its fast moving, hit and run tactics. Though they have heavy hitters like the Brutes, they play off control abilities to give themselves an advantageous position, or apply status effects.

This box features the following models:

  • Warchief x1
  • Blades x1
  • Manhunter x1
  • Fixer x1
  • Wasteland Warrior x3

 Blades is part of the Bounty Hunter faction meaning he can fight for both the Outcast or the Forsaken. He is a pure melee unit that deals rapid damage with status effects such as bleed, blind, and stun to debuff enemies. He gains bonuses from charging into enemies, and simultaneously can negate any attack bonuses (charge and gang up) of attackers when defending. Thanks to his agility he can also deflect any 1 non-template ranged attack if he succeeds on his saves. His whirlwind attacks is a powerhouse if he can catch groups of enemies off guard.

The Fixer is a must have for any Outcast band that have ranged units because he can negate malfunctions even after he is killed in battle! He can provide your units with scavenge counters which are basically useful items jury rigged from scraps on the battlefield. Scavenge counters provide offensive and defensive boosts to units. The Fixer is also able to heal units on the field with his Medic ability.

His utility makes him a target on the battlefield so be sure to keep him alive with bodyguards like the Wasteland Warriors.

The Warchief is a veteran of survival in the wasteland, have proved himself through cunning tactics and martial abilities. As a result he is the commander of your army, so be sure to have other units squadlink with him to push objectives or combine attack to overwhelm stronger enemy units.
His melee attacks can deal area of effect damage which is useful when fighting swarms of enemies. His ranged Enforcer Pistosl help chip down enemies from afar while his entourage charges into the fray.

The Manhunter is one of your specialist units meaning he works on his own and therefore cannot squadlink with other units. His go it alone nature allows him to sneak onto the field, single out enemies, and personally take care of them.
Both is sword and ranged pistol attacks can paralyze opponents, making them less effective on the battlefield. As a resourceful survivalist, he can always find something from his surroundings to use in order to stay alive. As a result, he often acquires scavenge tokens to help him gain an edge over his targets.

The Wasteland Warriors are your bread and butter line infantry who enters the fray in melee, or whittles down foes from afar. While they do not hit hard alone, a group can easily overwhelm opponents through advantageous positions. Their zip guns are extremely useful in forcing opponents out of position. With the ability to pull a foe away from their group, the warriors can isolate targets for the Outcasts to swarm and eliminate.

There are more boxes coming out for the Outcast in the future. Some give you additional troops to supplement your army. For example, the Brute Box will provide you with some heavy hitters who can also tank for your units. This gives your a wider range of tools to play with to help jury rig your way to victory.

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