Saturday, September 3, 2011

Smuggler Vehicle

So as a continuation for my concept art class assignment, we have to design a vehicle for one of our characters in the story we had created. This speeder is designed for my smuggler. The world I have created is like a sci-fi western so the head of the speeder looks like a horse and the back of the speeder is a compartment for the smuggler to hide his stuff in. I kept to the circular designs because the vehicle uses magnets as a way to levitate.

Vehicles in the world of Pleiades 7 will use an electromagnetic propulsion system. It manipulates the magnetic field around them by mimicking the same charge as the electrons in the field around the vehicle. In magnetism, opposite forces attract and similar forces repel each other. In theory, if the propulsion system is equal in charge and greater in strength to the magnetic field, the vehicle will achieve levitation. The magnetic solenoid pads can swivel so that the speeder is able to move in all direction/rotation- it can even do barrel rolls. The smaller magnetic pad at the top can also be used to set the speeder upright if it topples over.