Sunday, May 31, 2015

Mutant Sketches 3

Not sure how I feel about the beatnik mutant, but the harpy one is kinda neat.

Mutant sketches 2

Part 2. Tried playing around with creature genetic fusions. Perhaps one of the scientists tried to splice humans with turtles?

Mutant sketches part 1

Just some stuff I have been messing around with. Definitely had some last of use influence.

I've tried to mess around with different kinds of mutations beyond fungal. I tried mineral mutations, such as the guy on the very right. He is a caver variant, the rock like exterior is created by calcifying water drops from the cave ceiling. Over time his movements become stiffer as he becomes a stalagmite formation.

Black Light Concept Final

Refined the piece. I think from start to finish the piece took 5 hours, refining included. Not completely happy with the water, but I'll just have to practice painting water in future speed paint exercises. People on the Dark Creations forum seemed pleased with the way the painting turned out :D

Black Light concept WIP

Over all a bit grey, I'll play around with the curve tool to fix the contrast a bit. I added in some of the tooth like features found in caldera surrounding the city. I really like how they curve inward like fingers clasping and not letting go. VVardenfell is interesting to paint as well, such as all the haziness in the atmosphere and the glowing lava. Well, more to come!

Beyond Skyrim: Morrowind Blacklight concept

Some quick thumbnail drawings for the Black light City for the Beyond Skyrim mod.

Friday, May 29, 2015

Shanty Town update 1

An environment piece set in a wasteland town. Two statues overlook the town. So far I have the lighting where I want it. I just need to refine the trees a bit, and flesh out the soldier more. Not too happy about the column on the right, I might make it more intricate, add in some carvings into the post to make it more interesting. Add some oil lamps hanging from the ceiling, some ropes and free floating wires. More to come!

Mist Stalker WIP 3

Hi everyone, so did a lot more to the last scene.

So I cleaned up the soldier a bit, centered that hoodie. Added a multiply layer so that he is darker and stands out from the hazy background. Painted a TON over the photo plates for the forest. Added in a propane tank covered with overgrowth. Refined some of the textures ontop of the cabin in the center.

For the top center, I removed the radar base entirely and was wracking my brains for something to place there. I decided to add in an overpass that has broken off. I think I might add some cities in the distance with ruined skyskrapers. That might complete the theme of this piece- reclamation of nature. More to come!

Mist Stalker WIP 2

So part 2 of the Mist Stalker Scene. I tried to extend the BG a bit more, added photo plate background which I will be painting over. I pulled some colors from the background to make that radar base in the top right corner. The purpose of the scene is to show man made objects being reclaimed by nature, so that base doesn't fit the context. I will need to think of something else to add.

Mist Walker WIP

So a WIP for a forest scene I have been working on. Right now I think the photo plates are too detailed compared to the other BG elements and the soldier in the center has a hoodie that's angled too far right, kind of bothers me.