Thursday, March 29, 2018

Onyx Ghost Concept Art for Dark Age

Hi Everyone, so at the start of 2018, Dark Age unveiled another unit for their Bounty Hunter faction list, the Onyx Ghost. It is an imposing figure, decked with a lethal arsenal, and filled with a maniacal pursuit of wanton destruction. It trudges through the desert steppes of Samaria searching for its next victim with inhuman glee. Where did it come from, who created it, and what does it want? Read the lore created by Bryan Steele from Cool Mini Or Not at:

So Bryan Steel approached me with the task of designing a mechanized combat-walker that has similar elements to the Xenoshyft Kickstarter Prometheus miniature. He turned the model into a proxy for the Dark Age unit. One of the unit's distinctive feature is that ghostly green face painted on the front of the model.

I started the concept with line drawings, and then a detailed value study. Afterwards, I tried out various color combinations and textures. It was fun designing all the mechanical parts trying to find a good blend between a sleek high tech look, and that worn, rusty look that Dark Age art is known for. 

Black and white value study

Military olive green color scheme.

Black and navy blue body with a green face-paint color scheme.