Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Sci fi soldier paintings

Just some stuff I have been fiddling around with on the side for fun. Trying to work on composition and colors. I used a combination of black and white techniques, and then switched to direct color applications.

Some more Sci Fi Goodness

I was asked to make a background image for transitions in a game. I might have soldiers or a mech emerge from the smoke.

A scene from a personal project I am working on. I still need to finish the aerial perspective layers for the monolith in the background.

Just a first impression sketch. Spent maybe 20 minutes to get the composition I wanted. I had to do a series of thumbnail sketches. 

Hunter girl speed sketch

Hi Everyone, just did some quick sketch since I couldn't sleep. So I as you all know, I have been doing mostly realistic painting pieces lately. I decided to go with something using the anime, manga style which I have not done in a while. The character I came up with today looks kind of like a hunter from an RPG game with Asuka's hair XD. I will be adding more details such as vines and tree like ornamentation to her armor and hair pieces. Anyway, I'll spend a couple hours each day for a couple days and refine this piece.


Here are some progress sketch so you can see how I went from line art to a painted image.