Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Image released on facebook for campground scene. Main character Jack enters the campground in a shot reminiscent of Fall Out with a lone wanderer. A big part of the game is feeling the isolation in a man made world reclaimed by nature. Last of Us and Silent Hill have been a huge influence for this scene.

Speed paint of a reference for a campground with modified elements. The idea is to use debris and discarded trash as a commentary on mankind's waste affecting the environment.

Gas station practice using heavy mood lighting. Tried to give it a hazy dream-like quality.

More lighting practice, this time with water reflection.

Tried a tunnel alley look with a sulfurous yellow to create an unsettling feeling. Maybe at this part of the game the lights start flickering and shadows start appearing at the end of the tunnel.

Another quick 10-20 min sketch to practice chiaroscuro lighting effects. Did some quick photo textures just to give that grungy feel.

We Exist Alley Way Sketch composition 1

Played around with some blue and orange color scheme for contrast.

Thursday, November 3, 2016