Monday, September 30, 2019

K3 new units: Ocelatl

For the Ocelatl, I was tasked to design a stone jaguar sentinel for the Kukulkani warriors to employ in their glorious wars to harvest life energy from foes. I used stone textures seen in the Mayan temples as well as the macuahuitl weapons for inspiration. I also looked at some transformers just to see how the plates covering the mechanical creature would articulate.

Friday, September 27, 2019

K3 New Units: Chac Xib and the Technomantic Apprentice

Chac Xib and Technomantic Apprentice

Next up, some sci fi magic characters from the K3 roster. I thought it would be neat if the High Technician is depicted diassembling some weird contraption like a K3 scepter. The Apprentice is armed with a pole arm to defend their master. It was really find illustrating all the crazy pieces of metal that adorn their armor and helmets.

New K3 Units: The Sun & Moon Warrior

Sun & Moon Warrior

First up on the new K3 unit list are the Sun & Moon Warrior. They are opposites to each other, the Sun warrior emphasizes offensive capablities where as the Moon Warrior is more agile.I used more jagged shapes and radial designs for the Sun warrior, while the Moon warrior has spirals and curves with a few meandering patterns. Personally I liked the Moon warrior with that weird moon shape coming out back in the sketches,  but the game designers I worked with went with the one you see with colors.

The images below shows some of the references I used while coming up with the characters. My art director usually give me a set of images that I then process along with the written texts. I also crossreference the characters with an excel master file containing the character stats so I get an idea of what they are able to do.

New Kukulkani Units

Found some old artwork I did for the Dark Age miniature line. I was tasked to create some concept pieces for new upcoming characters. Here is a line up of the units. I will post up break downs for each unit later.