Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Galaxy Hunter Ranged Weapons: Sniper Rifle

I wanted the sniper rifle to use a railgun system since it has almost no recoil when firing its magnetic slugs. The umbilical power cable design from the pistol design can be seen here. A fairly easy piece to make since most of the shape flows in the same direction.

Galaxy Hunters Ranged Weapons: Pistol

I rather like this one out of all my ranged weapon art for Galaxy Hunters. It looks like a pistol with bunny ears! I played around with various pistol silhouettes before I came upon one with some sort of stock connecting the grip to the back of the gun. I guess the metal tubes on the top contains different ammunition so that the pistol can switch between various ammo types when facing different kaijus. Since the pistol uses so much energy, it has to be connected to a battery pack or to the mech. I am a fan of Evangelion, so the battery plug that connects to the EVA units had some influence on this design.

Galaxy Hunter Ranged Weapon:

For this Galaxy Hunter weapon, I was told to make an assault rifle. Instead of using the usual physical bullets, I made it a plasma rifle. The top of the rifle was based on the OICW sights, stock is based on the Fn F2000. I also liked the Plasma Caster designs from Borderlands so I modeled the canister magazine after the ones from the game.

Galaxy Hunter Melee Weapon: Sword

Ah the sword, your quintessential melee weapon for every big mech game. I used my fond memories of putting Gundam models together as reference for this giant buster blade. 

Galaxy Hunters Melee Weapon:

Another old piece from the Galaxy Hunter game. I was asked to make a mace, the references given to me showed a regular old mace. I thought to myself, "This is a mech game, why not have this thing coming out their arms?" Now you can not only swing this thing at your foes, you can also punch them using the pneumatics connected to the arm. I borrowed airplane wing designs to create the segmented armor plating for the fore arms and other car engine parts for the elbow joint. Playing with the specular highlight on the mace itself was quite fun.

Galaxy Hunters Melee Weapon: Gauntlet

KER THUNK! That's the sound I hear as a Kaiju gets pummeled by this pneumatic fist from Galaxy Hunters. I was influenced by car engines so I cut out elements such as the pipes to act as coolant channels. The fist guard region is based on bumpers from the BMW vehicle. The rail at the front could possibly be fitted to conduct high voltage electricity to stun foes.

Galaxy Hunter Melee Weapon: Axe

As a continuation of old art I found from Galaxy Hunters, today I present the Pneumatic Axe. It folds so that you can store several on your mech in case one gets damaged, lost, or you just want to dual wield. I was playing a lot of Warframe at the time so some of that industrial Grineer motif influenced the design.

Galaxy Hunter Cover Art

Just found some old artwork for a canceled project when I was back with CMON. This one is called Galaxy Hunters which is a big Mecha vesus Kaiju game. I was commissioned to create cover art that featured a Bumble Bee/Big Bad Beetle Borg looking mech standing in an alien forest while Galaxy Hunter ships fly overhead.

I struggled a lot with the perspective of the gun and that weird horn part of the mech's helmet. Ah well, it's neat revisiting old art to see how much I have learned since then.