Thursday, December 29, 2016

End of year sketch dump 24

More sketches of Kaiga from a personal project. His signature shape will be the overlapping chevrons and triangles. This is suppose to create the feeling of dynamism and speed.

End of year sketch dump 23

If you look at the ghosting lines on the armor, you can see that I'm trying out some sort of plasma wing design. I might revisit the idea in the future.

End of year sketch dump 22

Some armor and cloak sketch studies in a medieval setting. Trying my hand at some non-sci fi genre drawings.

End of year sketch dump 21

Some character sketches based on references found online. One thing I looked for are some interesting repeating shapes such as the chain of circles or the scalloped fan.

End of year sketch dump 20

Some Firefighter concepts for the We Exist game by Black Haze Studios. In the game you have some cultists dressed up as firefighters. I played around with a mixture of future tech, modern tech, and primal shapes.

End of year sketch dump 19

Pre-WWII to WWII era soldiers. Chinese infantry on right and American GI (Government Issue) on right.

End of year sketch dump 18

Some WWI soldiers. French soldier is on the right because of the signature Adrian helmet, and the German flamethrower troop is on the left.

End of Year Sketch Dump 17

Sketch of Ahri while I was in the League of Legends MOBA gaming phase XD.

End of year sketch dump 16

Some Character Sketches from Vampire Tomato for the 10 page comic.

End of year sketch dump 15

Study of some miniatures from the War Machine line by Privateer Press.

End of year sketch dump 14

Sorry for the quality of some of the sketch pictures, the lighting was a bit harsh but here are some more female character sketches.

End of year sketch dump 13

Sketch studies of infected humans from Last of Us.

End of year sketch dump 12

Heavy armor variant worn by another character.

End of year sketch dump 11

Sketches for Kaiga from a personal project.

End of year sketch dump 10

Power armor sketch and a control center for the mech that the suit can plug into similar to what is seen in Evangelion. The power armor also functions in combat if the pilot ever ejects from the mech.

End of year sketch dump 9

Random tech sketches. Backpack is designed to hold a drone on the back that can be released to scout ahead for its owner.

End of year sketch dump 8

Mixture of mech heads

End of year sketch dump 7

Some mech sketches for personal projects.

End of year sketch dump 6

Marduk Chronicle Sketches, refine sketches coming up.

End of year sketch dump 5

Vampire Tomato sketches for a 10 page intro comic currently in production.

End of year sketch dump 4

Did some plant sketches while taking classes at CGMA (Computer Graphics Master Academy).

End of year sketch dump 3

Some sketches based on my soldier uniform reference book. The tank crew armor looks like Buzz Lightyear after putting on some weight XD

End of year sketch dump 2

Some sketches during the production of Xenoshyft: Dreadmire. I was trying to design some drones and armor used for item art.

End of year sketch dump 1

Here are some sketches from my 2016 sketchbook to round out this year. 

Sunday, December 25, 2016

More Armor Sketches

Some armor sketches using shapes and forms taken from a wasp. I like the idea of a compound eye in case one is taken out in combat. Having triangular shapes with dynamic curves gives it the feel that it can be aerodynamic. The springs added to the feet act as shock absorption when running at higher speed or landing after flight.

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Standing Rock Altar

Tried a quick sketch of an altar/ritual center that you can find when traversing the campground. I based its designs of the Dolmens and Stone Henge as well as the art of stacking stones. It's shape and presence is creates a sense of mystery that compels Jack (main character) to dig deeper into the mysteries of the island.

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Image released on facebook for campground scene. Main character Jack enters the campground in a shot reminiscent of Fall Out with a lone wanderer. A big part of the game is feeling the isolation in a man made world reclaimed by nature. Last of Us and Silent Hill have been a huge influence for this scene.

Speed paint of a reference for a campground with modified elements. The idea is to use debris and discarded trash as a commentary on mankind's waste affecting the environment.

Gas station practice using heavy mood lighting. Tried to give it a hazy dream-like quality.

More lighting practice, this time with water reflection.

Tried a tunnel alley look with a sulfurous yellow to create an unsettling feeling. Maybe at this part of the game the lights start flickering and shadows start appearing at the end of the tunnel.

Another quick 10-20 min sketch to practice chiaroscuro lighting effects. Did some quick photo textures just to give that grungy feel.

We Exist Alley Way Sketch composition 1

Played around with some blue and orange color scheme for contrast.

Thursday, November 3, 2016