Wednesday, April 17, 2013

League of Legends Akali, Kassadin, Graves Fan Art WIP

I've been so busy that I had not finished my League of Legends fan art yet. So, I am forcing myself during my  break time to power through with this image. I decided that to help me remain productive, I need to update every day until the project is done.

Drawing Tutorial 001

Hey everyone! So a good friend of mine has started learning how to draw and I think he is very prolific with his anatomy studies. I thought it would be very helpful to do a very quick demo of how I approach bringing a sketch to a value study stage.

In this demo, I am replicating my friend's Tiberius. I will go over some basic portrait anatomical concepts. It is very short though, but hopefully you learn a little bit from it. If there is anything you wish to see in my future demo/tutorials please comment below. Thanks!

So in my guide, I start off with a basic line drawing indicating shape. The strokes I lay down will determine the proportion for the body in general. I also keep perspective in mind such as the elbow jutting out. You can see that in my second step, I made a few adjustments such as shield size and other shape refinements. In my final step, I started laying down values just to test out lighting. I enlarged the shield a bit because it looked really small in my second step.

Come check out my friend's blog and keep up with his progress!

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