Thursday, May 30, 2013

Amefurikozo Concept

Hey everyone, I just completed a character concept for a friend to 3D model. The character is "Ame no Kodomo", Child of the Rain. It is based on the Amefurikozo form Japanese lore. The creature is usually depicted as a child sized kappa, or sometimes human-like figure carrying an umbrella and lantern. I decided to add in elements from other Japanese creatures such as the No-Face (Noppera-Bo) and the Spirit Lantern (Chochinobake). Pan's Labyrinth is also an influence because I decided to put the eyes in the hands of the child. In this concept, I decided to have the child mimic the Lantern's appearance by having only one eye showing. I went through several pattern designs for the umbrella and settled with a Ying-Yang looking design. The broken umbrella with the symbol of balance represents chaos. The kanji for "chaos" is written on the Chochinobake.

Sketch 2


Value Study

Final- took out the distracting background