Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Phase III update

Some updates for my Phase III submissions.


The revolver uses nuclear fusion as its power source. I looked at Smith and Wessons for the nub nose design, but ended up going with a more heavy duty body. The revolver chamber is actually the container for the solenoid coils that charges each shot that comes from the fusion cell at the base of the handle.
I played with the glow effects. I felt the ones with the body glowing to be too excessive. I decided to combine the simple body of the gun on the bottom with the barrel from the one on the right.

Final design for Chevy Carter's revolver.

I used alchemy to produce the silhouettes for the DIBBS. I played around with different ways to create an imposing object that would be difficult to remove. DIBBS are suppose to be place holders for people who literally want Dibbs on something.

I've got Dibbs on DIBBS!


Clock Tower
I tried playing around with minimalist designs fro the clock tower since minimalism started to become prominent in the 1950s. However, I liked the quirky zany feel of a world where objects look like familiar everyday things. This resulted in a tower that used cogs as its design motif.

I had some perspective issues with the value render. The Aerial perspective effect isn't too bad though.

After some perspective tweaks with some red and blue lights, the scene looks reminiscent of Blade Runner.

Bucky Theater
Buckminster Fuller is one of my heroes for his visionary talents. His most celebrated designs today is the Bucky Ball which can now be seen at the Epcot Center. I originally designed the building to look like a movie projector, but since the ball is already minimalist, I might as well go that route.

The top one looked too Epcot, the left is a glowing soccer ball. I went with the bottom one because it reminds us of something vaguely sci fi, modern era-ish. I really liked the contrast between the round sphere and the triangular body.

different color designs for the theater as the gas tubes change colors periodically.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Cerebus Feature Film

Hi everyone, I just want to advertise for a feature film currently in development called "Cerebus". It is based on the comic book "Cerebus" which inspired graphic novelists like Jeff Smith. It is written and illustrated by Dave Sim and today, it is one of the longest running English language comic book series ever printed. I happen to have the good fortune of being contacted by Oliver Simonsen of What Comics Entertainment to animate a short scene for the feature film.

Come join the fight and follow up on Cerebus the Aardvark's progress!

Click Here to access the link to my animation contribution to "Cerebus" the animated feature.