Sunday, July 11, 2010

Birthday Party Aftermath

So I went over to a friend's Birthday Part on Friday and it was one of the crazier nights I can remember. Beer and Vodka ran like a river and everyone seemed jollier than an octogenarian cracked up on Prozac. I got introduced to a new drinking game, I forgot the what it was called, but it involves the usual poker cards, an empty beer bottle, and a round of beer for the players. We each took turns drawing a card and each number meant someone had to drink like two is "you tell someone to drink", three means "me" so if I drew it I drink, stuff like that. After the people have finished drinking, the card is placed under an empty beer bottle- if anyone knocks it over, the person who knocked it over has to finish off all the beer they are holding. By the end of the night I had polished off 3 Honey Browns, 3 Coronas, 1 Blue Moon, and 1 Tsingtao.

It was fun, but after all that drinking I found it much more enjoyable to talk to my friends about how things are going since we haven't seen each other after we got out of School for Summer Vacation. In the middle, I left with a couple of my friends to talk outside about the stories for our comic strips when we heard fire alarms. Apparently some idiot in the other hallway had left their Hookah running. Everyone stared running out of the building, so I left with several friends to go eat at China Buddha before coming back and crashing from exhaustion.

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