Saturday, May 7, 2011

Concept Art Factory Underwater Vehicle Challenge

Our new challenge in the Concept Art Factory for May the 7th is  "futuristic, underwater military transport going to war". Here is my rendition for today's challenge. We had a total of 90 minutes to finish the speed painting.

A race of squid like aliens combine technology with biological organisms to create a troop transport vehicles that fire augmented squids as defensive weaponry. The missile ports on the back of the craft is reminiscent of pores in a Suriname Frog. It also has a hangar that holds squid like mechas for deployment. The main engine is a triple helix design similar to the gungan ship from Star Wars but it has a webbed membrane around the spokes so that it could effectively tread water. The two fins are used to angle the ship so it can rise and fall. The membranes are selectively permeable so water certain things are allowed in and out of the craft.

See more of the concept art submitted by my fellow classmates, check out

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