Tuesday, January 31, 2012

GENERATE 24 Hour Art Challenge Fall 2011

So I am finally uploading my GENERATE 2011 character concepts. The challenge last year was to make a pitch to Turner Studios for a tv program that lasts 26 episodes. Each team can have 4 members. Each team is given a sponsor and a tv channel to pitch to. The teams have to create a pitch to explain what our show is about, a 26 episode summary list, 3-5 character concept full colors, 3 marketing products, as well as a working animatic. I helped with a majority of the story development, proofread the summaries, delivered the pitch, illustrated the final character concepts, and worked on the animatic. At the same time, I had to manage the team to make sure we are on time and that each member has someone else to help them with the work.

Our team came received SciFi channel, and AT&T as our sponsor. Our story is called "Fail Safe". It is about a company that created genetic superhumans to help with jobs considered too dangerous for normal people. However, the experiments went rogue and innocent bystanders were killed. To rectify their mistake, the company sends Alan, their Fail Safe to track down and eliminate the experiments. Along the way, Alan finds out that he and the experiments are very alike and it is up to him to determine whether to go through with his mission, side with his people, or find some way to make a compromise.

We came in third place at GENERATE and the people at Turner said that our show could potentially spawn up to 10 seasons in concept. Not too shabby considering that it was my first time working the Animation challenge. So without much ado, here are some of the character concepts I have helped come up with.

Alan- Main protagonist

Correspondent who keeps in touch with Alan with his missions.

Lucas- the news journalist investigating what went on with the experiments. He eventually meets Alan and they form a partnership.

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