Sunday, February 16, 2014

Master Color Speed Paint Studies

So I've been watching Noah Bradley's videos on dissecting paintings by classical masters. He usually paints these small thumbnails in a short amount of time to develop sensitivity to colors. In these studies, I pay close attention to the color contrasts used by Albert Bierstadt, a German-American painter known for his landscape paintings with a western theme. I really like the gold, orange, and muted green tones in the piece I dissected. Here is what I did in roughly 30 minutes. The larger painting is Bierstadt's the small thumbnail is mine. I paint these zoomed out so that I focus more on colors instead of details.

Top: Albert Bierstadt, "Looking Down Yosemite Valley"
Bottom: My quick color study of his painting. 

I'm liking the colors, maybe I can add more blue to the rock formation on the right. On a whole, I'm somewhat satisfied with what I have in the alotted time. Stay tune for more! 

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