Friday, November 6, 2015

Speed Paint Friday

Hello all,

Just completed another speed paint, around 45 minutes. Since Fall Out 4 is coming out, I decided to look for images that reflect that theme. I searched for pictures of rioters with epic fire in the background. Lately, I've been painting a lot of people with gas mask with some form of direct lighting in the background. Today instead of just painting environments, I decided to challenge myself with a scene that has multiple human figures. One thing I noticed is that the area outside of the fire has a cool color scheme. It's really neat being able to see the dramatic temperature change as opposed to the subtle change in a diffused daylight scene. I did not have time to add in all the grunge and debris in the dirt so I used some texture brushes to give it some teeth. Still can use a lot of work, I think I got caught up with the buildings in the background in the beginning. I realized that by pushing them back with more shadows I can avoid adding too much detail and be able to focus on the human figures. I painted the whole thing zoomed out to make sure I have at least the lighting established. The shields were very fun to paint because of the refraction and reflections from the fire back lighting. At the end of the session, I added in a lit cigarette for fun, maybe he created that fire back there :D

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