Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Have You Eaten Plate Design

Hi all, I recently started working with Marisa Tontaveetong on her thesis film called "Have You Eaten", a documentary/biopic about family life between her mother and aunt. Food, culture, and personal growth are central themes to this journey, and I will be helping her bring her vision to the screens.

I have completed the plate design that will be seen through out the introduction.
The design is reminiscent of Ming pottery ware with blue and white porcelain color schemes. I added some grease texture to show that it has food placed on it at some point.

I elongated the plate from before and created a new center pattern design.

The plates are created in an octagonal format because the designers fabricating the geometric pieces will be shaping my creations into an origami like form in 3D but with a texture wrap around.

Stay tuned for more!

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