Sunday, December 31, 2017

Skarrd Subfaction- Cult of Metamorphosis

While other Skarrd Tribes command strange psychic abilities such as the Blood Cult's affinity to bloodshed or the Toxic Cults resistance to poisons, the Cult of Metamorphosis were able to enhance their physical bodies through mechanical modifications. Members of the tribe are required to undergo painful grafting to replace flesh and limbs with twisted contraptions of saws, blades, and hooks.

The Drillhead is one of the signature monstrosities created to serve Father Johann of the Cult of Metamorphosis. These sand worms have been grafted with strange drills that allow them to burrow and ambush their prey with frightening efficacy. They also boast two different behemoth sized frankenstein like creatures. While other factions have abominations with unique abilities, the Juggernaut and the Nightmare Juggernaut receive special augmentations to compensate for the lack of the "Skarrd Gifts".

The logo for the Cult of Metamorphosis features a Drillhead on the familiar Skarrd beveled square back plate with a rust colored scheme.

Cult of Metamorphosis Units here

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