Saturday, December 21, 2019

C.O.R.E New Units- The Tyr-Rex

The Tyr-Rex is an epic monster formed from machine and flesh. This beast has taken the form of the king of prehistoric terrestrial reptiles, the Tyrannosaurus Rex. The mechanical giant has been infused with Xenosathem Crystals that formed in the caves where the CORE are now sheltered and has acquired new terrifying powers. Beyond the menacing chainsaw teeth hooked in its jaws, the monster can temporarily harvest the energy from the crystals growing in its back and unleash a beam of condensed radiation at its targets.

The design of the Tyr-Rex was inspired by my love of Zoids and Godzilla. I might go back to add more crystal protruding from the tail and other orifices to play up the idea that the crystals have really taken hold of this machine.

Sketch, still trying to figure out shapes and machination for joints.

Black and white sketch

Added colors and the crystals

Tyr-Rex does a rawr :D

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