Saturday, July 11, 2020

Zbrush Class with ASIFA-South

Hi everyone,

I stated on my Zbrush courses from ASIFA-South featuring 3D artist Arash Salehi as my mentor. For my first project, I created a creature based on my concepts using Zbrush for the 3D mesh. In the past, I used Maya for most of my base mesh, but this course allowed me to process everything inside the software itself. Zbrush is very powerful when it comes to organic modeling, something that I found difficult using Maya. There are still some proportion issues to iron out with my 3D sculpt, but overall, I think it captured the essence from my concept.

The creature design is for a personal game project where the player encounters various creatures in an underwater world. Each "boss" is representative of different stages of grief and the methods you use to manage your encounters can affect gameplay. Perhaps you can even become the master of these beasts.

For this project, I started with the first creature the, Tide Ripper, a symbol for Anger, the first step of the Kubler-Ross grief cycle model. While the Tide Ripper has menacing sloping features punctuated with jagged armored shapes, the tiny vestigial arms create a sense of pity. The original design is supposed to be a representation of impotent rage that stems from being helpless or powerless.

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