Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Skarrd Bolas Art

Hello everyone, here is another piece of art I did for the new Dark Age Skarrd faction update. This time I was asked to update the art for the Bolas unit from the game. Bolas is the basic skirmish infantry that takes the brunt of an assault to lock down enemies and chip away at health until the stronger units can get into position to clean up.

The Bola sports a rusty blade that is simple but deadly when used in numbers with others as a group attack. They also carry their signature weapon, the razer bladed bola to slow down or knock prone their targets to make them easy pickings for the Skarrd Horde. Like the Harpies they are able to infiltrate the battlefield at any moment's notice to turn the tide of battle through capturing objectives, locking down larger units, or add bulk to a depleted army.

Update miniature. you can find more at the Cool Mini Or Not Store.

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