Sunday, December 31, 2017

Kukulkani Faction Logo

The Kukulkani is a faction comprised of bio-mechanically engineered humans harvested from the ancient planet of Terran thousands of years ago. It is rumored that the Mayans made contact with these wanders of the star and thought the visitors to be gods. The Kukulkani took on board countless for sacrifices to keep their bio-energy tanks full to power their spacefaring vessels. The more virile and most fit specimens are given the honor to fight for the Kukulkani cause. To serve, one will undergo ritualized augmentations that provide users with access to the telemantic powers the Kukulkani can channel through precious life energy.

On the battlefield, lives lost provide the Kukulkani with abundance of resource to cast powerful spells to enhance their warriors with devastating abilities. Go forth and serve, for the glory of Kukulkan!

The logo for the Kukulkani features the skeletal death mask icon. The tabs extending from the central circles each contain an icon for the sun and the moon.

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