Sunday, December 31, 2017

Dark Age- C.O.R.E Faction Logo

The CORE is a faction of menacing robots controlled by artificial intelligence invented by their human creators. Before the United Worlds left Samaria, they used these robots for jobs too dangerous for the human workforce. These robots were designed based on technology uncovered on the planet, leftover by an ancient race that once came to this planet but then mysteriously vanished. After the chaotic departure of the United World corporation, many of these mechanized workers were left to their own devices. One of the AI became sentient and started giving these units marching orders in order to find a way to survive. This means finding an alternative fuel source, one that is in great abundance- biological matter found in life forms.

The CORE spent many years harvesting creatures they come across to fuel their engines. Now, they have started to evolve to deal with the new threats that loom on the horizon with the sudden appearance of lizard people called the Dragyri, and strange swamp experiments called the Brood.

The CORE logo features the original logo from one of the United World companies. The back plate is a hexagon which is a shape with high structural integrity.

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