Thursday, March 21, 2019

Cosmos Coaster Ui Design part 4 final

Finally got things switching out properly, though the finer details have yet to be completed. I don't have screenshots of the final item, but I do have a video of Cosmos Coaster's release as part of a news story. 

Space station. No display mesh for this level, although the travel icon above the level name shows that you are at the first stage.

The Anomaly after you enter portals between each planet. This location was taken out of the final game to speed up the pacing and tempo.

Low Earth Orbit.

Moon level. Moon mesh changes Yay!

Venus level. Color of UI changes, there is a flame icon indicating crazy high temperatures, and the speed gauge has ramped up.

Mars scene. Temperature back to normal as shown by temperature gauge. Speed has slowed. 

Neptune level. Temperature drops.

Compilation of all the different views.

News report from 13WMAZ about the Cosmos Coaster release

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