Thursday, March 21, 2019

Cosmos Coaster UI Design part 3

So after assembling the UI, I had to physically bring that into the game engine. I had to do some additional blue print work to animate specific elements. I worked with one of our programmers to get the static mesh switch using enumerators and left the more advanced task such as tying the animation in with the speed and temperature values that are internal to each map.

The preview below does not feature the completed blueprints, that will be for a later date.

Clearly not Neptune. This is interior of the starting space station you depart from and will return to.

Clearly not Neptune. Venus scene with volcanos.

Clearly not Neptune. Mars with a storm cloud in the distance. The cloud was a jumbo of meshes that were original stuck in there.

Now this is Neptune, huzaah! This scene features a piece of the glacier sliding off toward you for one of those close call moments. 

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