Thursday, March 21, 2019

Cosmos Coaster UI Design part 2

In my previous post I showcased some sketches to more refined concepts. After that I started building the actual elements that will are exported to Unreal Engine to be rebuilt as a Widget within the game. The original UI was projected on a 3D model which required a lot of work around to get the elements synced up. The flat widget looked cleaner and allowed for more direct control of the UI elements without having to touch the meshes.

I exported all the elements from Photoshop as pngs that I then brought into Unreal Engine to assemble using the Widget Blueprint.

Assembled preliminary UI element. I need to add the static meshes that switches out when you are on different planets. The mesh will basically be the planets you visit, but deformed to fit in the large circle space on the right which looking like it is popping out from the element.

An early attempt at displaying a projection of the location you are travelling through. I created a material targeting a render cam placed in the scene. Interesting concept, but we opted with just static meshes of planets to save on memory. 

Static mesh planet instead of the target cam render material. Will have to set the mesh to unlit to get rid of the shadows.

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