Friday, March 15, 2019

Sweat Pledge 3

Story 3 of the SWEAT Pledge is about how all jobs, even the lower paying ones are opportunities to learn and grow. Mike Rowe retells his story about his first job at the movie theater and how he was able to improve his conditions with hard work and ability to learn from his experiences. He likened even lower paid jobs as the bottom steps of a ladder where each rung takes you higher.

This portion reminded me of my summer job in high school where I worked at a local Dollar Tree. I started as a cashier, later learned how to stock the aisles, dealt with inventory, and then assisted the manager with managing the tills when closing. From the experience, I have gained a greater appreciation for those who work in these positions because I have been through something similar. This first job has taught me how to stay professional and manage the day to day stress that will come with future positions.

Someone has to clean the bathroom

This is the scene where young Mike Rowe scrapes gum from the floor.

Film reel storage closet.

Dentist office


Wall at a construction yard.

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