Sunday, March 17, 2019

Sweat Pledge Story 4

Sweat Pledge Story 4 was fun to work on. Krupa created the initial storyboards for the movie clip and I helped revise the storyboard while she was busy. This story recounts one of Mike's Dirty Job moments where he worked with a man named Les, owner of company that cleans out human waste cesspools. The art assets for this particular clip features a lot of poo stains. I kept renaming the assets with poo as "thick creamy chocolate", "fudge smears", and other colorful evocative titles. The team had a good laugh about it.

Cesspool Pit

Jules was the character designer. I helped vectorize the art and separate them into pieces to be prepared for rigging and animation.

Some of the more prominent assets used in this story. Colored art was by Amari Harkness, I vectorized the images.

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