Thursday, March 21, 2019

Sweat Pledge 5 Student Loan Debt and College

Story 5 for Mike Rowe's Sweat Pledge is about the insane cost of college degrees, how so many jobs require a 4 year degree but the graduate is woefully under prepared for the job, and that there are jobs out there that do not require a 4 year degree which saves money and time. One caution I have to say about these trade jobs is that they are replaceable by AI and robots which does not appear to be too far in the future. When this happens how do you retrain such a large population?

This hits home because as a college graduate myself I have been through the process of applying for loans and trying to acquire scholarship just to pay down my college's exorbitant tuition fee. I have seen friends rack up 100k+ in loans just to attend college only to leave with a degree that left them still searching for a job to this day. 


Where so many stereotypical graduates works when unable to find a job after graduation.

Show me the money!

Plumbing scene. Apparently plumbers can make some good money.

Tons of falling text books to crush your soul after you see your tuition fee.

City without garbage cleaner

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